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Who is Gary Brolsma and what is the “Numa Numa Dance”?

Numa Numa Dance - Gary BrolsmaThe “Numa Numa Dance”, was a webcam video created by me, Gary Brolsma, in November 2004. It was submitted online to Newgrounds.com on December 2004.  This website was unique at the time, because Newgrounds mainly offered Flash based movies and animations, so I had to convert the video into Flash format for viewing, as YouTube didn’t exist yet.  Moving forward just two years later to September of 2006, the original Numa Numa Dance video has hit over 15 million views on Newgrounds.com alone, not to mention the other countless number of websites that it is now hosted on since then.

It’s been featured in multiple newspapers, radio, and television such as ABC Good Morning America, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, and VH1, just to name a  few.

Numa Numa on Newgrounds.com homepage in 2004.I got the idea to call it “Numa Numa” from the Romanian lyrics of the chorus from the song “Dragostea Din Tei”, by the band O-Zone.  I’ve always have been a fan of making little video clips to entertain friends, by making mini-documentaries on stupid things, or just plain old goofing around.  Honestly, this video was only meant to be exactly that.  The video was originally intended to make a few friends laugh by just goofing off.  It only took one take and about 15 minutes of splicing in random pictures of my friends to put all together. A week or so after I finished the video, I decided to throw it up on Newgrounds just for the heck of it, thinking it would be blammed (or automatically deleted for a low scoring video). Little did I know it would wind up on featured on their homepage and explode in views, touchin the hearts of so many people.  This was actually during the transition period where YouTube just had launched and was suddenly becoming more and more popular.

I owe much of my success to Tom and Wade Fulp, and the entire team at Newgrounds, so I can’t thank them enough.  Tom also has my original white and blue stripe t-shirt that I wore in the video in 2004.

IMG_0101Deciding to make a lipsync dance to Dragostea Din Tei in itself was pretty random, back then I was interested in Flash Animation and was browsing sites such as Albino Blacksheep. I learned of the song from “Maiyahi” by Ikari. I couldn’t tell you how I found it or why, because I honestly don’t know… ha ha.  My video actually caused O-Zone’s album to go way up the charts over in their country and in other places around the world.  Lyrics are in the special version of the movie, and it’s about a guy who loves a girl, but the girl doesn’t want him anymore (at least that’s what I gathered).  There’s nothing relevant in the lyrics in any way to the video.  O-Zone has since broken up as a band, and a CD is not available for purchase in American stores, but you should be able to find it online.

I’ve gotten the opportunity to do so many cool things because of this silly little video I made, and I’m so honored and happy that I got to be a part of all of it.

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