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Snowman's LAN 2003(-2004?)



Date:  UNOFFICIALLY December 19-20 STARTING DATE until January??
Garcia Residence
25 S Central Ave
Saddle Brook, NJ  07663



November 15, 2003
  (James):  Added Mike Perecca and Ken Meadows to Confirmed
            Added Dates to Comments
            Added New Comment  

November 10, 2003
  (James):  Added Dave Pierce, Pete Bokma, and Gary Brolsma to
               Most Likely to Attend
            Added my home address for people who feel like
               getting lost in their own hometown and Chris Lau
               and all the other people who will use mapquest
            Added comments on money
            Added information section
            Get back to me on making an Official date to start
            Added more guests
            Added my phone number
            Added Star Wars Series to Games List
            Advanced Alex Padron, Jesse Dluhy, Mike Hayes, and
               Fat Jon to Confirmed

November 9, 2003
  (James):  I just came up with this crap off the top of my head.
      Most people said they didn't care about the LAN
      keep me updated on anything.  If you want to be added as a
      contact...inform me.  I'm also probably missing alot of
      people on the attendance sheet.  Just a rough group of
      people I told about it.


Attendance Sheet:

Confirmed (100% WILL BE THERE):
James Garcia (obviously)
Joe Frangipane
Steve Stachel
Mike Tieso
Frank Giglio
Joe Ciborowski
John Nissen
Alex Padron
Fat Jon
Jesse Dluhy
Mike Hayes
Mike Perecca
Ken Meadows

Most likely to attend:
Chris Lau (with friends possibly)
John Suazo (Mike Tieso's cousin)
Dave Pierce (Needs a ride for 100%)
Pete Bokma
Gary Brolsma

May show up WITHOUT Computer:
Matt Graziano

No Computer Showups (Guests):
Jon Diaz
Angelo LoPiccolo
Ryan Bravo

Requirements (Not Individual...overall):
Power Supplies
Regular Plug to Jumper Plug Converters

Games List (Bring what you got..these are just suggestions):
Half-Life 2 (beta)
Half-Life (including all mods [CS, TFC, DoD])
Star Wars: Jedi Series
Unreal Series
Quake Series (remember Corkscrew?  LoL)
Dungeon Siege
Soldier of Fortune 2
Some sort of flying combat (Decent type)
Whatever else you guys have



James (coordinator) - [email protected]
    Phone:  201-843-2054
    AIM:  RiceARoni Treat
    MSN:  [email protected]
    Y!:   darkcorruptor
    ICQ:  48078319



November 15, 2003:
  I will distribute the official wallpaper of the LAN pretty soon
    and I'm in the process of making a floorplan to accommodate
    all the computers.

  I still need an OFFICIAL Date from you me.

November 10, 2003:
  You will need money.  No entrance fee, but if you want Bawls
    or will definately need money.  What the hell,
    we may even do Applebee's nights.  Half-price appetizers =)

  I need feedback on an OFFICIAL STARTING DATE.  Get back to me.

November 5, 2003:
  If you have anything to add, know people that are coming,
    want to be moved to the Confirmed list, have any feedback/
    comments, or can help in anyway...get in contact with one
    of the contacts...preferably James.