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      Game of the Day returns!!

      Ah, SSX3…The newest game in the SSX series, I just picked this one up the other day.I can say, so far its very good.It gives more of a sence of exploration, and freedom than SSX Tricky before it.
      From the boot up screen your greeted with an adrenaline charged intro, leading on to a cool (no pun intended) snowflake screen with the ubiquitous ‘PRESS START’ underneath, once into the menu screen you can choose to ride a single event or you can go for Challenge The Mountain mode, where you are dropped off at the top of a huge mountain and you take on each event on your decent down the peak, to save a lot of unwanted boarding about there is a transport option to call a ski cab to come and drop you off at your required location, once you have picked an event then the game drops into the real meat of the action.

      The in-game engine for SSX3 is a HUGE improvement over SSX Tricky, it has the most natural and well detailed tracks I have ever seen in a boarding game, even Tony Hawks 4 doesnt compare to the level of detail in this game, and to think all this detail comes from a lump of rock with white stuff all over it (stop smirking)! There’s a real feeling
      for each type of ice, and you can certainly feel how slick the controls go when you hit black ice, and how sluggy they are when you thump into deep snow, I would say the surface feel is on a par with Colin Mcrae 4, it’s that noticeable. On top of a great engine is an even better range of items and upgrades and equipment for your boarder, everything from goggles to low cut tops and bunny ears are included for your purchasing pleasure, admittedly they don’t aid your performance, but who wouldn’t want to earn Elise’s low cut top??

      The normal SSX purchases are there, like stats upgrades and the like, and I am pleased that the developers finally moved away from having two different kinds of boards ‘RACE’ and ‘FREESTYLE’ as it got annoying in the previous two games to have to keep swapping boards, and mistakenly entering a level with the wrong board. Also i love the little touches like the planes flying overhead, the trains zooming across the track on ‘Metro City’ (formerly Merqury City), the graphics have a level of polish that ive never seen in any boarding game before, from the way the lighting is perfectly worked out, like the bleeding light sources in Metro City. Theres a lot more characters this time round too, with all the favourites there including a few more, and it’s good to see they didn’t get rid of Eddy as he was one of my faves in SSX Tricky.
      PLUS, its online….on PS2.So go out and get it/rent it now!

      The ratings:
      Games Domain 10/21/2003 5 out of 5 100.0%
      Gamespy 10/21/2003 5 out of 5 100.0%
      GamePro.com 10/21/2003 5 out of 5 100.0%
      GameSpot 10/21/2003 9 out of 10 90.0%
      IGN 10/17/2003 9.5 out of 10 95.0%
      Playstation Magazine 11/1/2003 5 out of 5 100.0%
      Electronic Gaming Monthly 12/1/2003 9 out of 10 90.0%
      GameNow 12/1/2003 A+ 100.0%
      GMR Magazine 11/1/2003 9 out of 10 90.0%
      Games Radar 10/26/2003 94 out of 100 94.0%

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      You mean I can’t belittle you anymore? :(

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      shucks!! :oops: lol

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