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      Ah, its a classic.From sliding down stair rails, to dancing with enemies to make them die, every moment in Moonwalker is wonderful.
      Mini Review:

      Story: (Billie Jean is NOT his lover!) Mr. Big is trying to get kids everywhere to do drugs! Michael wants to put a stop to this naturally,since he loves kids all across the world. He sets out to rescue the kids and stop Mr. Big.
      10/10,One of the best,most touching stories ever!

      Graphics: (You’ve been hit by: A Smooth Criminal!) All the graphics look great! Michael kicking enemies,throwing his magic hat,dancing,grabbing his crotch,Bubbles,the RoboJackson,even Mr. Big,it all looked like real life. It captured the King of Pop’s dance moves perfectly. The opening level looks like the Smooth Criminal music video,it has Thriller zombies,and Beat It thugs. Excellent.

      Gameplay: (Who’s BAD?) You go to the level(which is based off one of his music videos usually) and rescue little girls and beat up Mr. Big’s thugs until Bubbles arrives,when you go take out the boss. The levels are the Club,Streets,Forest(Cuz this is THRILLER!),Cavern,and Mr. Big’s lair(plenty of racism there). Michael has normal attacks,a magic kick,a hat throw (charge up the magic meter),and a special MOONWALKERIFIC dance attack that uses up half his magic,but it kills all the enemies on the screen. The little girls are hidden behind things like tombstones or doors,so Michael has to check them. Every level has distinct obstacles;for example the Club level has ugly hookers that Michael has to knock out of the way. And for the BADDEST of players,a comet lands on Michael,turning him into a robot which can do some major damage.

      Sound/Music: (Just Beat it!) Some of the best music I’ve heard in any game. I think the only things that can beat this are Chrono Trigger,Final Fantasy VI and Mega Man X3. All the songs are GREAT,especially Smooth Criminal and Bad. Michael’s OWWW! noise that he makes when he grabs his crotch is awesome as well. He maks other sounds like OOOOOH! or Who’s Bad? It all sounds great. My only gripe is that they didn’t use Thriller for the forest stage (They use Another Part of Me,which is good,but still…)
      At least you can hear it when he dances.

      Challenge: (You wanna stay alive,better do what you can…) One of the only low points,actually. This game is pretty easy,seriously. The only hard part are the forest levels. At least it isn’t as ludricously simple as the Arcade version…
      But you’ll have lots of fun along the way!

      Final thoughts: Michael is a hero to the people!

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      Why was that ever made?

      Nice screenshot by the way…

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      the object of the game is to get as many little boys to sleep in your bedroom as possible. when their angry mothers come to yell at you for raping them you dangle your own baby over the balcony and threaten to drop it on their heads!

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      it was in the arcade first :p

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      That’s a groin-grabbingly good update.

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      yeah, im thinking of picking this up at gamestop or somewhere, or even Ebay if I have to.its actually not a bad game, and it having MJ starring
      makes it the best! :)

      also, i have the Genesis (best version)ROM if anyone wants it, go to this link:


      oww! have fun!

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