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      Gunstar Heros:Genesis

      The game has a basic premise, like most games of its genre, you run around and blow up as much stuff as you can while trying not to get hit by enemy fire. There’s nothing in this game that stands out as anything special, since it’s basically a standard action game. Enemies die fairly easily, there are numerous amounts of them, and they’re the same enemies on every level, so what makes this game so good? Have you ever played a game where enemies just keep coming, and coming in such high amounts at a time that you never have a moment where you aren’t shooting at something because in Gunstar Heroes you never get a break, well except when the type of action is shifting, like heading to a boss fight, or jumping off a pyramid and heading off into a forest.

      Overall, Gunstar Heroes is an excellent game, and certainly one of Treasure’s best games they have to offer. If you find it buy it. It’s usually cheap and without a box or instructions, but you don’t really need them to enjoy the game at all. There’s not much better then this on the Genesis or most other systems for that matter. The only real problem with the game is that it’s fairly short with only seven levels, but seven levels of pure action fun, and great boss fights. If you own a Genesis, then you must own this game, it’s that simple.

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      that was a hot ass game i think ill go pla it now

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      yeah, that does look fancy…

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