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      This is a topic thats been bothering me ever since i became a crue fan. a while back, VH1 did a show called top 100 bands of all time or sometihng like that and they ranked motley crue at number 29, which is very fair b/c u really can’t compare Motley Crue to bands like Metallica or Judas Priest, but then VH1 did something that really pissed me off, they ranked GNR at number 9!!!! 20 spots higher than motley crue! Don’t get me wrong, GNR is an awesome band but not better than motley crue. Post ur thoughts about this topic…. :horns:

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      Guns N Roses by far.

      Much more memorable tunes.

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      I enjoy Guns and Roses more… but Motley is also good.

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      i like guns n roses songs better, but my god axl is such a fucking asshole

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      GNR is good, but i’d have to disagree w/ you guys, i thikn overall Motley is a Better band. Frontman wise, Axl owns Vince, but Vince is a really good frontman. As for guitar, most people are gonna pick Slash over Mick Mars but i’d have to go w/ Mick, he’s probably one of the most underrated guitarists out there , when it comes to bassists, it doesn’t really matter about skill, but i’d have to pick Nikki Sixx from motley, he was really good at working the crowd and getting everyone hyped, and do i even have to talk about the drummer, even though Tommy Lee is a fag now, he was an awesome drummer, the guy played drums while spinning in a cage! btw, motley crue had many more memorable tunes than GNR, simply b/c Motley was around longer, yeah GNR had kick ass songs like Welcome to the Jungle but What about Motley’s Kickstart My Heart or Girls Girls Girls and even some of their older stuff like Livewire and Shout at the Devil. I’d have to go with Motley Crue. :horns:

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      Guns Roses is way better… my opinion

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