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      Genesis is a console that got drowned out by SNES, but it is still great in it’s own way. Post what your favorite game or games were and why..

      Mine would definately be Quackshot:

      That was a pinnacle in gameage history. It’s a shame more games dont have Donald Duck and Plungers in them.

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      I did own a Genesis, but I never got into it like I did the SNES. My brother probably played it more than I did. Anyway, out of the extremely limited amount of games I played for it, I’d have to say Sonic 2 was my favorite. I know its a pretty common answer, but the only games I can actually remember owning were Sonic, Sonic 2, and Toe Jam and Earl 2. I know there were 2-3 others, I just can’t remember them.

      And by the way, your comment about Donald Duck and plungers makes me think how much better Kingdom Hearts would have been if Donald had cast magic with a plunger rather than a staff.

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      that would have been uber… Kingdom Hearts still kicked some ass though.

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      besides the uberness of the quack, we have Toy Story, Aladdin, Sonic & Knuckles, NBA Jam, Streets of Rage 2… i could go on and on, i love genesis

      hey isn’t it funny that back in the day disney games were really really good, now we have DISNEY EXTREME SKATE ADVENTURE! wow how cool mommy

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