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      What was your favorite NES game?

      Mine would be Megaman 2… tell me your favorite.

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      Super Mario Bros. 3, that’s definitely my favorite. It was so much different than the previous version, the world’s were very different, and Mario had a ton of different forms. Big/Small World is one of my favorite worlds in any game I’ve played. And World 8 is probably one of the hardest world’s ever. I know alot of people disagree with me, Randy, but I think this game was better than Super Mario World. SMW wasn’t revolutionary like this game was. My second favorite NES game would be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

      I feel so deprived to have never played a Megaman game before…

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      lol, its too easy to jump into yet another super mario argument so i’ll leave that to rest

      hmm, favorite nes game eh, soccerdude? i must admit i’m finding it hard to narrow it down… there’s been a lot, but i think i can squeeze it down to the big two

      Thrilla’s Surfari

      w00t! the skateboarding monkey game that no one has heard of, but i love it

      not only was it really good, but if you had the uber skillz you could master the shell game!

      the other nes game that i love so very very much is of course…

      Super Mario Bros. 2

      i don’t care what ANYBODY says, this game is elite… i also love the gba version with the REALLY BIG VEGETABLES

      like i said it was really difficult to narrow it down so here are some honorble mentions…


      a board game on your nes! who woulda thunk it? home of the world-famous Meat Cleanser!

      Darkwing Duck

      Darkwing Duck is uber! the cartoon was great and so was this game :D

      Super Mario Bros.



      despite its insane diffulty, this game is one kickass experience. what’s better than blowing the hell out of everything with a buddy?

      Excite Bike

      LEGENDARY… plus who can forget that theme song?? :D/

      P.O.W. – Prisoner of War

      a classic brawler that was ahead of its time, w00t!

      well there you have it… there’s probably a hundred more that i forgot to mention, but those are pretty much the top ones in my list.

      VIVA LA NES!

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      heh, Mario 3 was quality… and I do remember the difficulty. World 8 was insanly hard, but World 7, commonly known as Pipe World, that was a bitch as well… gives me bad memories. But the Big/Small world gives the good memories, so it cancels each other out, leaving a sexy game.

      Mario 2 is also fun, but it doesn’t have the Mario Brothers spirit. It’s just weird…

      Mario’s fun, but I’m still faithful in my Megaman… :)

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      Hmm..hard choice…one of these:
      Super Mario Bros 3
      Legend of Zelda (1)
      Megaman 2

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