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    Once in a while, a haiku falls through the cracks. While I am no Lewis Black, I did catch the fact that I had one more haiku saved on my computer than I could find here. So, in essence, this haiku is…[cue eerie music]…A POEM RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD! I know this has been on the board before, but just to make things complete, here’s a new old haiku for your reading pleasure.

    (Note: Joe is actually very busy in college. Honest to God. No, really, he swears. Cross his heart, hope to die. All that good stuff. So, he is deeply sorry if the influx of haikus has not been quite as influxy as one might desire. He really wants to keep the board alive.)

    I have gone fishing
    Once or twice in my whole life
    And when I was young

    As this is the case,
    I don

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    An unanswered post, must not go unanswered.

    Fishsticks… I’m nauseous.

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