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    A simple haiku about my dining experience with other members of my dorm. Enjoy.

    Just the other night,
    I ate at a restaurant
    That served Thai cuisine

    It was pretty neat
    For the group that I went with
    All sixteen of us

    They gave out chopsticks
    To the people skilled enough
    For such instruments

    I, though, chose to pass
    And opted to use a fork:
    The easy way out

    Most meals that I saw
    Involved chicken or seafood
    And noodles galore

    Though one daring soul
    Headed straight for his dessert
    And got fried ice cream

    It came in a shell
    Which they covered in blue flame
    Just for the effect

    When that came out, my
    Macaroni khee mao was
    Quickly put to shame

    But, I did have fun
    Even if I

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