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      Here’s how YOU can help return happy fun time.

      1. Someone tell me a good brand of USB Gamepads i can use that aren’t as large as Ted Kennedy’s head.
      2. Buying me a cable modem for my home.
      3. Record more Jesus.
      4. Open a forum for my FFXI Linkshell, pweeeeeeeeze? :(

      1 is more likely to be handled
      2 is pointless
      3 is difficult cause AOL hacked Gary’s My Documents folder and ate all his cookie and then his files. (AOL has a never-ending urge to screw you over big time)
      4 would be nice, but if Gary can’t I understand

      (P.S.) 5. Install farcry on your home appliances so everything gets ridiculously loud

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      4’s up if you have seen it, gotta let me know the name of the new linkshell, so i can change the title.

      In game, you can tell them… http://board.gman250.net. That URL goes straight to the board.

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      Hey, this is your section, Yaeger. You’re supposed to be treating us to stuff, not the other way around.

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      crazy happy fun time can’t run on rainbows and lollipops, it needs some magic bean casarole

      plus aol loves to eat my cookies
      having said that, see above topic.

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