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    If the world were a ball of cheese what cheese would it be? And would it stay a ball even if the sun shines on it all the time? Then it would probably melt, but would its rotation be enough to keep it together? Or would some the part in the light melt and the part in shadow solidify? And could we live on this world made of cheese? What animals would live here? Ones that walked and hopped? Or ones that swam and slithered? Could intelligent life develop? Would there be edible plants? Could you make alchol from these plants? Could a being stand on its head and swallow a grape-like object on this planet made of cheese? But the most important question of all is what kind of cheese would it be?

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    Sportsworld cheese. Mmm…nachos…

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    That post was almost error free. :D I’d be hoping for mozzarella myself as that one cheese.

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    a big ball of freshly made mozzarella likr you can get in only the uber italian delis in jersey city

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    Fuckin mozzarella, with String Cheese trees, and little cheese bunnies.

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    it would be made of dick cheese. mmmmmm smegma

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