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    No, it’s against the rules!

    The site explains everything. This has been passing around the web the last few days, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve seen it. But in case you haven’t, enjoy.

    Conclusion: The Philly Fanatic would have been funnier…he could have made it work.

    You need Quicktime to view it, by the way.

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    If I were Freddy, I woulda owned that bitch at the end… I hope she feels proud of herself for beating up an innocent Eagle.

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    I think he’s a falcon, not an eagle. Freddie the Falcon…all sports teams love alliteration in the names of their mascots.

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    This isn’t funny. It’s just some retro style thing with a guy in suit doing porn dancing. You stole two minutes of my life and I want them back! Never mind, I’d probably just waste them anyway.

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    And doing what? Probably watching real porn.

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    You have failed to recognize the Simpson quote, you must die now! Seriously, probably doing nothing, but I’d be having more fun than I was while watching the movie. Anyway, I’m out for the day. Bye.

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    @Imposter Haster wrote:

    You stole two minutes of my life and I want them back!

    I don’t mind that you’re being insulting, but you don’t need to use one of the most overused message board cliche’s along with it.

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    The other one is funnier, watch that. Although, you probably wouldn’t get it…

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