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    Welcome to the first Past to Present for my VGSotD! I know that all I mainly post are recent songs, but I do that because going back to past consoles, although there may be classic songs, the quality isn’t so good. But I know these memorable songs need to be posted, so I’ve developed a new feature to cover that. Past to Present gives a musical sampling of a series, from its introduction, to the most recently released game. Let’s kick off the new series with some Metroid.

    Metroid – Brainstar

    Super Metroid – Maridia

    Metroid Prime – Intro

    The Metroid series is legendary for being quite possibly the best series to mix action and platforming. The most recent game, Metroid Prime, is a first person shooter, but it retains the sense of exploration that the previous games enjoy. Certainly not as popular as Nintendo’s Mario or Zelda series, Metroid is still adored by countless fans, and, in my opinion, holds the best reason to own a Gamecube.

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    creative idea

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    Yes Sir I like it…

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    With this new section, I’d say you’ve moved into “Putting UltimaLink’s Section to Utter Shame” territory.

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    No song today, I don’t have my MP3 collection here with me. I’ll do a double tomorrow to make up for it.

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