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      I’m back, and so are my quotes…
      I’m removing the voting aspect of it. I’m just going to post some funny quotes for your enjoyment, and to spark up some chatter.

      Today in Discrete Math, we were talking about our weekend-to-come. I mentioned that I would be spending it with my good friends Nicko and Schubert, who are both likely to rape me. Ehlers then said that he was going to get raped by Nicko… and he followed it up with this:

      And I quote…

      “It’s not rape if you’re in for it!!!”

      OK… so Mikey would enjoy a little butt-plugging, but did you expect anything else? Anybody else says that… they never here the end of it. But because it was Ehlers, the class just laughed for a minute or two, and then forgot it completely.

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      Good ol’ Mikey :)

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