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    Today in Calculus, Captain Kaufman was talking about some random integral garbage that no one understood, and Andy Depp let out a random orgasmic groan, out of what I took to be frustration. I asked him if he “needed a tissue” to clean up his mess. And Melanie, as innocent as she is, said this…

    And I quote…

    “Here, you can have this one.”

    Melanie actually gave Depp a tissue, and everyone laughed for about 5 minutes straight. She actually thought the noise he made was some sort of sneeze. After everyone settled down, Mallory (who else), told her what I meant, and the face Melanie made can’t be described in words. She was so disgusted.

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    Makes me miss the good ‘ole days in AP Chem.

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    Makes me miss Saddle Brook… but hey, squier makes orgasmic noises too, so I guess I’m not too left out…

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    I hate him more every day…

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