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      Last week I got in the mood for searching for some new anime. I wanted a series I had never heard of before, and after a few Google searches, and running through some GameFAQs topics, I downloaded the first four episodes of a series called Last Exile. I really enjoyed the series for alot of reasons. The visuals are a mix of anime and CG. The soundtrack reminded me of Chrono Cross, in that the music seemed to have a similar Celtic influence to it. Also, the series itself reminded me of some of the older Final Fantasy games. Airships are a huge part of the story, and there is also a chocobo like animal that appears in the story. It was as if Square decided to try its hand at anime.

      I downloaded the soundtracks to the anime, and I figured I would post a few songs. I know there are a few people who have heard most of the songs I’ve posted here before, and I thought this would be a good chance to post something fresh that you haven’t heard. When I decide to post the opening theme, I’ll also post the movie that goes with it, similar to what I did with Suikoden III. Maybe a few people will be inspired to check the series out.

      Last Exile – A Morning in Norkia

      Anime: Last Exile
      Animation Studio: Gonzo
      Year: 2003
      Composer: Kuroishi Hitomi

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